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Baja Desert

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Baja Desert Canyon

The Desert of Baja, historically known as Desertopia Gerudo Kakariko Bajakajara Desert Place Thing, is a very large desert west of Aquila in Adderley. The desert land is ruled over by King Galamaj, the king of gold as he is known by in the lore. The desert houses Baja Village, the smallest of the 3 settlements in Adderley. The village contains few unique structures aside from the Grand Cobra Shrine and the Goddess Arena, the biggest attraction in the desert. Other than these there are only small homes and shops. Overlooking the Village of Baja is a large active volcano containing the Fire Dungeon, one of the many dungeons on the server. On the opposite side of the desert from Baja Village is the Skyway Harbor, a floating market and tourist attraction only accessible via airship. Throughout the desert there are remnants of various bandit camps and abandoned settlements, along with some hidden treasures.

The Baja Port Authority with volcano in background