Port Simon is the largest city on the UHR server (in competition with Hubada City) and was founded in 1971. The city consists of three boroughs which include Downtown, Binghampton, and Pine Grove. The first building in the city was the town hall which originally served liquor to passing sailors. The population of the city is currently 4 million, with most of the middle class and upper class population residing in Pine Grove. The city currently is very unstable due to it's legalization of prostitution and gambling (the city has a large
  • Downtown
  • Binghampton
  • Pine Grove
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male population), and crime is up significantly especially in boroughs like Binghampton. Port Simon currently is connected to I-75 Interstate Highway to the 1.8 lands, and the only other means of travel is by the Port Simon Municipal Airport and the marina.


The bustling city center of Port Simon houses the biggest attractions in the city. This historical section of town holds many popular features, from towering skyscrapers, to beach boardwalks. Currently, this is the biggest borough in the city and the most densely populated. St. Hubadaea Hospital, Downtown Police Station, and Port Simon Fire Department reside here, along with the Hillbilly Hilton, Henningway Tower, the Avis Needle, and the Scuba T. Steve Memorial Library.


Affectionately referred to as "Bing" by it's residents, this once populous borough at one time prospered around Carl's Automotive Factory, but has since fallen into disrepair after a severe recession
Minecraft Parkour The Binghampton Chase

Minecraft Parkour The Binghampton Chase

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and major layoffs at the factory. It holds many brothels and strip clubs, along with years of urban decay and few loyal residents

Pine GroveEdit

Pine Grove is the idyllic outlying suburbia of Port Simon. Full of quaint family homes and towering sequoias, this is the perfect place to settle down and relax.