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The U.F.T is the Ultimate Flying Thing. It is the very first Airship ever to be in service in the Waffels Air Force. The U.F.T has state of the art technology for air to air combat or air to ground combat. It also has compartments for ground vehicles so it can infltrate behind enemy lines to launch its ground vehicles. The U.F.T also has 2 turbo boosters for extra speed when out running surface to air missles. The U.F.T is like a luxury air ship with sleeping quarters for over 100 men. Over 240 missles, 6 cannons, and 3 machine guns. This is the pride of of The Waffels Air Force and has one the war against the UHR over territory and against the lone dangerous hoganbeardy..... well he wasnt that dangerous he just got on the captains nervers alot so he landed on him. He wasnt really lone either he had 6 wolves with him........... ok lets just say this he was really anoying and the captain didnt like him. So he took him out. Also! It has the fineist chef in the world. His name is Waffels104!